Waterproof coating to fight mold

Waterproof coating will protect your exterior and interior against water and other liquids. If you live in a very humid environment, like Hong Kong, getting your hands on a waterproof coating can be quite the investment. But you do need to know a few things about waterproof and repellent coatings. And how they fight mold. In this article you will read what substrates are suitable for the coating, how to apply it and where to buy it.

Substrates suitable for waterproof coating

You can practically apply a waterproof coating on any desired substrate. The coating will make sure that no liquid will sipple through. While still remaining the natural color of the wood.  Also, the coating protects substrates against mold from humid weather. Here is a list with substrates that are suitable to apply it on and what the best method is.

  • Wood: Apply it with a roller.
  • Brick and concrete: Apply with a roller or spray.
  • Stone: Apply it with a roller or a spray
  • Metal: Apply it with a roller or a spray, at least two coats.
  • Glass: Apply it with a spray, then wipe it out.

Make sure to read the datasheet of the waterproof coating product, to get tips on how to apply the coating.

Waterproofing your bathroom in 7 easy steps

The bathroom is the perfect place to apply waterproof coating in. Since because bathrooms are the perfect place for mold to develop. Mold tends to grow on walls, cracks and under tiles. A clear waterproof paint will not change the distinctive looks of your wall. Nevertheless, it will not guarantee the same protection as tiles will.

  1. Purchase the right tools
  2. Clean the substrate
  3. Apply primer
  4. Seal up the gasps and mask tape around the wall
  5. Apply the waterproof coating
  6. Add the waterproof membrane
  7. Paint the entire substrate with paint

 4 benefits of Waterproof Coating

Waterproof coating, as the name implies, makes substrates water repellent. By keeping the water out of the substrate, the lifespan of the object extends. Aside from that, there are more reasons why this particular coating is so popular.waterproof coating-in-bathroom

  1. No more mold! Fills up small holes and gaps in substrates. The coating settles itself in the small holes and gaps, making it difficult for mold and mildew to develop in the substrate.
  2. Easy to clean!The maintenance of the object will be reduced. If structures are covered with a waterproof coating, then the coating will also keep the structure clean.
  3. Increase the property value! Mold and damp ruins properties. When trying to sell a property, this will decrease the property value. And mold can happen everywhere. By acquiring the waterproof coating, you do not have to be afraid that the state of the concrete walls will worsen.
  4. Easy application! It’s consumer friendly, is appliable on damp surfaces and overcoating is possible.

 Guidelines for a successful application

The actual application of the waterproof coating may be easy, however there a few guidelines that make the end result successful.

  1. Apply an epoxy or another primer before applying the waterproof paint. Also, make sure the substrate is clean and even.
  2. If the area is very humid, choosing for a 2 component primer and top coat is recommended.
  3. Always carefully read the technical data sheets that comes with the waterproof coating.

Manufacturers In Hong Kong

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