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Powder coating- durable, environmentally friendly and fast growing

Imagine standing on top of The Victoria Peak of Hong Kong. From the gravity defying Peak Tram to the vibrant Metropolis, chances are that most of the modern buildings you see are coated.  Powder coating is the biggest industry within the Coating Industry due to the endless possibilities that it provides.

Powder coating process explained

Powder coating is an electrostatic process. A specially charged corona gun blows the coating together with high voltage electrodes on metal or other objects that are grounded. The electrostatic properties ensure that the powder sticks to the object. After this, the object is put in a high temperature oven. The powder particles become liquid at high temperatures, then syrupy until it finally hardens to a beautiful, smooth and durable coating. Powder coatings are a mix of binder, additives, pigment, hardener and filler. Different applications require a different blend.

Watch this youtube video to see how plastic and metal are coated with powdercoating:

Benefits of powder coatings in Hong Kong

Because of the humid weather condition in Hong Kong metal objects can easily become rusted. Powder coating protects objects from corrosion and other weather conditions. Other key benefits are:

  • The process is easy to automate;
  • The coating comes in powder form (light for shipment) and can be applied in one time;
  • It does not need a solvent to become liquid, only heath
  • The coating is elastic, abrasion and scratch resistant;
  • There are many colors and finishes available;
  • No dry down time. Coated materials can be transported and installed immediately;
  • Coated materials are durable and easy to clean;
  • Applicable on many metal types and even on wood.

The other side of the coin – why think twice before powder coating

Powder Coating unfortunately does have some downsides. For example, objects that are not highly heat resistant can’t be powder coated. There are high temperatures required to liquefy the powder. The surface must also be completely spotless. When the surface is not completely clean, problems with adhesion will arise. Therefore, prior to applying the surface must be cleaned thoroughly. Something else to take into account is the price. Powder coating can be pricey, Besides these downsides, it may also be better to opt for a normal protective and decorative paint, if:

  • You can not afford a mechanical coating system (it is a substantial investment);
  • If you need to paint in many different colors (If there is no quick-change booth it takes a substantial time to change colors);

The Powder coating companies in Hong Kong

Here below you can find a map which outline powder coating companies operating in Hong Kong.

In case you are looking to buy powder coating powders in Hong Kong, take a look at our article dedicated to the different types of powders, their prices and most importantly, the manufacturers. For more information about using powder coating in mass production or large scale projects, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are here to help!

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    Hello, I would like to put powder coating on my dance pole. The measure is 4 meter in length and 45mm diameter. Is that possible? And what color do you have?

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Jay,

      We at Coating.com.hk are not a direct seller or applicator of coatings – we are a Connection Service, we connect larger project with our coating partners. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a partner for a small personal project like yours. We advise you to seek out your nearest powder coating specialist to find the answers to your questions – they will have a range of colours and finishes available. If your dance pole is made of a metal it is very likely they will be able to coat it for you. Good luck with your project!

      Best regards,
      Rhiannon – Coating.com.hk


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