Powder Coating Wood Hong Kong: in a nutshell

Powder Coating Wood Hong Kong is getting more popular. This technique of coating, is applied with an electrostatic spray gun. Applying powder coating on wood and MDF surfaces results in a hard-wearing coating layer. For a long time, the only used technique was apply the coating on metal substrates. It’s now more common to apply it to all kinds of substrates. Like wood and aluminium.

Powder Coating suitable for wooden substrates

Ever since the 1960s, powder coatings have become more popular. Mainly because powder Coating gives any substrate that desired long lasting finish. But also because it’s environmentally friendlier, due to the fact that Powder Coating wood does not need a solvent to make it liquid.

Nowadays, it is possible to apply Powder Coating because the baking temperature does not have to be that high anymore. And the coating does not need three layers, like it used to need.

The challenges of applying Powder Coating on wood

It is common for people to think that powder coating wood is applied the same way as the ‘traditional’ metal powder coating. But it translates different.

The process of powder coating MDF and other wood types differs from the metal coating process. In general the process is more complex due to the fact that wood is heat sensitive and less conductive than metals. The powders are thus also different; powder coating for wood melts and cures in temperatures which does not damage the wood. To enhance electrostatic attraction, wood can be pre-treated with a spray solution that provides a conductive surface.

It can be fairly difficult to apply coating on a wooden substrate, since liquid coatings can start running, smudging or just simply dry unevenly. Powder Coating is the ensured alternative that will stay on longer with a professional finish

3 great advantages of using the coating on wood

  1. First of all, acquiring wooden Powder Coating Wood Hong Kong tends to give a more attractive and durable finish than laminate. Laminating can cause the finish on wood to be bubbly or crack. This will not occur when using a Powder Coating for wood.
  2. It is environmentally friendly.
  3. Perfect to make any wooden substrate have a longer lifespan.

The two disadvantages

  1. Different method of curing
  2. Difficult to find the right contractor

Requirements for the application of powder coating on wood

Theoretically, you can apply Powder Coating wood to any wooden substrate. However there are a few requirements you have to consider before acquiring.

  • The substrate should have a Homogenous surface. The substrate has to be even and consisting out of one wood type for the coating to be applied properly.
  • The surface resistance should be not higher than 1101Ω
  • The surface should have a low porosity. In other words, the Powder will lay on top of the substrate, contrary to absorbing it.

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