Oleophobic coating: The newest and most durable screen protection yet

Oleophobic coating is the new trend when it comes to protecting the screen of your electronic devices. Regular screen protectors may keep your screen protected against scratches and shattering but they aren’t fingerprint and water resistant. Oleophobic coated phone displays on the other hand are. New electronic devices always have this fresh smooth look which feels slick to the touch. Unfortunately, this look and feel will diminish as the device is used daily. Applying the oleophobic coating allows you to enjoy this brand new look for a longer period of time.

The oleophobic coating lacks affinity to oils.

What is this innovative screen protection?

Oleophobic coating provides fingerprint and smudge resistance to your screen. Side note, it doesn’t make the display of the screen fingerprint proof but it slides off easier. The definition of the word ‘oleophobic’ says it already ‘afraid of oils’. The coating is made with the aid of the modern nanotechnology, where a layer of protection is formed between the display of the screen and the oiliness of your fingers. Even though the coating is originally designed to prevent the formation of oil, the protective properties in the oleophobic coating makes it practically work on many more substrates.


An oleophobic coating will give a professional feel

When fingerprints start appearing on the screen again, it’s probably time to reapply the coating. Following these three easy steps will make the out turn professional and successful. Because the coating comes in a kit, the process can easily be done at home.

  1. Clean the surface with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Apply the coating to the screen, either through drops or wipes.
  3. Wait until the liquid has fully dried, wipe the screen with a cloth and you’re ready to enjoy a smear proof screen!

How to clean the display of your phone?

One simple wipe with a cloth will make your device look brand new. An alternative is to clean with gentle water-based solvents, read the ingredients to make sure no alcohol is it. Never clean the display with alcohol-based solvents, since the harsh chemicals will wipe away the coating as well. Even if it’s stated that these cleaners can be used on TV screens, phones and laptop screens, they will leave your phone ‘naked’. Making the device vulnerable for damage again.

Even though this coating will live up to its name, it will wear off over time. Generally the coating will last as long as a typical 2-year lifespan of a phone. But the durability of the coating will depend on the oiliness of the user’s fingertips, the quality and the misuse of the device.

Gorilla glass vs. Oleophobic coating

Gorilla glass is a brand that’s designed to protect your phone from damage. It’s light and thin giving it a professional look. Many smartphone brands like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Huawei use gorilla glass in the development process. The gorilla glass is a form of toughened glass that comes with its own oleophobic coating that prevents scratching. But this is only a small percentage meaning that the oil will still absorb in the display. This will eventually lead into a duller looking screen. In this video you can clearly see the difference between a fairly often used gorilla glass and a oleophobic coating.


The oil beads up after being smeared on the oleophobic coated side, whereas the oil spreads into a large smear once smeared on the non-oleophobic coated side.

The 6 advantages of the oleophobic coating in a nutshell

Several benefits that this coating has to offer have already been given. To give a more clarity, the advantages are listed downbelow:

  1. Acquiring oleophobic coating allows your display to look like it’s brand new.
  2. It is oil repellent
  3. The coating itself is not visible
  4. Very easy to apply it yourself
  5. Not expensive: The price of a kit usually varies between the 117.03 HKD and 156.04 HKD
  6.  One bottle of the oleophobic coating is good for 3 or 4 applications

The best oleophobic suppliers in Hong Kong

Oleophobic coating Product type
NoveliScreen protector
EKEM Tent Waterproofing Oleophobic SpraySpray
Fussode COAT TMCoating kit


To get connected with the right oleophobic supplier for your project, please contact us!

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