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Industrial coating for the ‘flattened’ industry

Coatings can be catogorised in two types; industrial coatings and decorative coatings. Both coatings have protective purposes but since the industrial coatings have to bear the heavy traffic more, they tend to be more protective. In Hong Kong there isn’t a lot of flat land for heavy industries to operate. Instead, a lot of smaller establishments consisting on 1 or 2 floors, are much more common. And the light and capital-intensive industries need protective industrial coatings for the goods that are worked with as well.

The 7 different types of industrial coatings

Every industrial sector has equipment, machinery and other goods that need to be protected. For instance industrial coatings keep ships from sinking, structures from rusting and walls from crumbling. All the different types of industrial coatings can be catogorised in the following different coatings.

Aeroplane industrial coating

The paint on an aeroplane is different than other industrial coatings since the coatings has to be very light, durable and easy to strip off. This coating consists of multiple materials such as primers, enamels, lacuqers and top coatings. Buying the right type of industrial aeroplane coating will shorten the time it takes to repaint aircraft. Additionally, saving money in the proces.

Automotive Coating

heavy traffic industrial coating

industrial coatings suitable for heavy traffic

Industrial coatings on cars can be put on in the manufacturing proces or after the usage. The industrial coatings that are put on later by the consumer himself is different and less controllable. Because the refinish of the car has to blend in perfectly with the original car coating.

Can coating

Can coating is the industrial coating that might be the most challenging to get done correctly and safe. It is used in the food and beverage industry and since the coating comes in contact with the food inside, it’s important that the industrial coating is safe for ‘consumption’. The coating has to ensure that the food can be kept safe for years, it has to fight chemicals, resist to corrosion and withstand sterilization.

Coil coatings

Coil coatings are industrial coatings used in the automotive sector. Coatings for metal sheets eases production of many goods and maximises efficiency. The coil coatings gets unrolled, treated, and then rolled  back up. Afterwards, it’s sent to the manufacturers.

Marine coatings

Marine coatings are used for all kinds of boats, from commercial ships to cargo ships. Since the coating significantly slows down the process of fouling, it will not infect the speed of the boat. Another advantage is that marine coatings fight the forming of corrosion. This coating is usually used on the hull of the ship.

Intumescent coatings

This industrial coating keeps the steel foundation of a building safe from fire. When fire comes in contact with the steel, a chemical foam is released which creates a layer on top of the steel. Then a coating creates a layer around the substrate, rather than the fire finding it’s way in the substrate.

High performance industrial coatings

High performance industrial coatings are invented to protect structures for a very l0ng time. Substrates on which this coating is primarily used for are; bridges, concrete structures, stadium structures and warehouse structures. They are designed to withdraw harsh weather, to provide the best durability, and to keep it strong. Here’s a list of high performance components used in industrial coatings:

    • Zinc primers; Organic and inorganic zinc-rich primers promise superior adhesion and galvanic protection qualities.
    • Epoxy primers and finishes; Line of epoxy primers and finishes for an excellent barrier protection for a number of industries and uses.
    • Polyurethane finishes; Polyurethane finishes offer superior, long-term gloss and color retention, making them ideal for high-visibility projects.
    • High temperature coatings; Direct to metal coatings capable of withstanding high operating temperatures and battling corrosion under insulation.
    • Acrylics – water based; Water-based acrylics are typically single-package, easy-to-use coatings that provide excellent aesthetic properties.
    • Linings; Versatile, high-performance tank linings prevent corrosion and protect your assets.
    • Alkyd and siloxane coatings; Coatings for color-coding and striping, non-corrosive atmospheres and areas of high electrical activity.
    • Albi clad fireproofing products; Intumescent coatings for fireproofing structural steel in process facilities.
    • Urethane finishes; Finish coatings for industrial applications where durability and UV protection are needed.
    • Floor coatings; Concrete Coatings and Resinous Flooring

Industrial coating manufacturers

The two players who supply industrial coatings in Hong Kong are two big multinationals Akzonobel and PPG. Akzonobel industrial coating manufacturer

AkzoNobel | International industrial coatings

  • Marine, food and beverage, coil coatings, electronics
  • Suitable for steel, aluminium and plastic

PPG | Industrial coatingsindustrial-coating

  • Focuses on innovative industrial coatings to make the coatings more durable
  • Automotive car parts
  • Agriculture and construction
  • Paint for transportation vehicles

To get connected with the right industrial coating manufacturer for your project, please contact us!

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