Guarantee safety for your employees with fire retardant paint

Everyone can agree that enough evacuation time is very important. Yet, not many buildings owners do everything to make their structure fire retardant. Acquiring fire retardant paint will slow down the fire spreading. Which gives the people the extra time they need to exit the building safely.

Why choose for a fire retardant paint?

Fire retardant paints frequently used in big industrial areas, new builds and public buildings. Every building meets different fireproof standards. The standard depends on the used interior and exterior materials. To read what standards need to be met, click here.

There are a few reasons why acquiring fire retardant coating is an obvious choice. Listed down below.

  1. Fire will do less damage to the building.Fire retardant paint
  2. The coating makes the fire take longer to spread, giving people more time to escape.
  3. Suitable for many substrates, even for wood.
  4. Complies with the Safety fire regulations of Hong Kong
  5. Improves the safety for fire fighters.

Manufacturers for fire retardant coating in Hong Kong

Local specialistAddress
Tai Hing Hong G/F, 103 Shek Pai Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Sika Hong Kong Sika Hongkong Ltd. Rm. 1507, 15/F, Block A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping Street, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong.
Sherex Fire-Proof Material CompanyFlat A & C, 10/F., Lucky Horse Industrial Building, 64 Tong Mi Road, MongKok, Kowloon.

Fire retardant paint or intumescent?

There are two different types of fire protection. Intumescent and fire retardant paint. Even though the difference is small, they are not the same:intumescent-paint-fire-retardant-paint-proces

  • Intumescents: also called fire resistant coatings, act as a barrier between the substrate and the fire. When the fire comes in contact with the substrate, the coating flows into a barrier, slowing the proces down.
  • Fire retardant paints: provide a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with fire. Damp releases which creates a layer of char.

Upgrade regular doors to fire doors

Doors that catch fire,  make escaping the building riskier. A fire door keeps the fire at a distance. And it’s easy to make any door a fire door/fire retardant door with fire retardant paint. Most of the time fire doors are already fire proof at the production stadium. Because the door is packed with anti-fire characteristics. But applying fire retardant paint on a regular door, will make the door act as a fire door as well.

There are three specifications that a fire door needs to have, in order for it to be resistant against fire.

  1. The door needs to be solid, not hollow.
  2. It needs to be at least 35 mm thick.
  3. The door needs to be either timber or steel.

Fire retardant paint for wood

It is even possible for wood to become fire retardant. Wood catches fire easily and fast. Making sure that the wooden structures in a building are fire retardant, creates a safer environment. The coating for wood is available for in- and exterior. The paint is transparent or translucent and does not change the color or structure of the wood. So the coating will still preserve the natural appearance of the wood.

Get your hands on a Fire Retardant certificate

A fire retardant certificate is a must to have. You need to have proof of the application and the sheets and receipts that come with the products. The certificate will make your building meet the safety standards in Hong Kong.

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