epoxy floor coating in garage

Epoxy floor coating: currently the most used coating

Epoxy floor coating is becoming more popular by the day. Not just in Hong Kong, no globally. Epoxy flooring doesn’t only protect the floor, it also turns any garage floor into a professional and stylish looking garage floor. And since a lot more people are using their garage not only for storage, epoxy flooring situates itself at the top of the most wanted garage flooring. Epoxy is one of the most important materials in a lot of coating.

The 2 misconceptions about epoxy

There are some misconceptions about what epoxy flooring actually is. To clear this all out, epoxy isn’t considered a paint but a coating. A paint has to dry, while epoxy is a thermosetting resin that has to cure. Some paints have a small percentage of epoxy in it, that epoxy mixture makes the paint more durable. But it’s still considered as paint and are also known as epoxy paints or as 1-part epoxy paints. While the epoxy coating is formed by mixing one part epoxy with one part polyamine hardener. This mixture makes the hardener acts as a real catalyst. Which gives the epoxy flooring the strength and durability. The epoxy also has a thicker consistency, unlike regular paints. Which is why epoxy’s are considered coatings.

The 7 benefits of epoxy flooring

Aside from epoxy coatings being very protective, there are more benefits to this popular garage coating:

  1. It’s a protective coating, so it keeps garage floors crack, grease and stain free.
  2. The coating is anti-slip
  3. Is durable for high traffic
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Simple to install
  6. affordable
  7. Makes the space look brighter and more professional

Epoxy floor coating substrates

Now the benefits have made you even more interested in what this coating has to offer, it is good to know which substrates are suitable for application.

Floorschemical resistant

Follow these steps for flawless applicationmixing two components epoxy floor coating

Epoxy flooring doesn’t has to be done by a coating specialist. Epoxy flooring is easy to apply and when following the application steps named below the result will be astonishing and promising.

  1. Clean the garagefloor
  2. Choose the right product coating. You could also go for a metallic epoxy coating, or a 3D epoxy coating.
  3. Acid wash or grind the garage floor because the coating works best when the substrate is sandy like.
  4. Apply tape to desired edges and rigs.
  5. Mix the catalyst and a resin
  6. Apply the garage floor epoxy coating
  7. Apply a top coat
  8. Let the garagefloor dry for at least 24 hours

Hong kong’s local epoxy flooring manufacturers

Poly-Maid Chemical Co LtdUnit C, 15/F Worldwide Centre 123 Tung Chau Street Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
ABS Building Systems (Far East) LtdUnit 65, 8/F Sino Industrial Plaza 9 Kai Cheung Road Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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