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Everyone in Hong Kong is looking for that perfect high gloss finish on their car. It is the most asked thing for car coating in the automotive industry. But besides the perfect shine, car owners are also looking for protection of their investment. A layer that repels dirt, rain, is low maintenance and looks good… Is it possible?

Nano Coating/Car Coating explained

Shiny red car coating

Red car with shiny car coating

The history of nano coating goes back to the 9th century. In Mesopotamia pottery makers created a mixture of copper, silver, salt and oxides that resulted in a beautiful glittering effect when applied on the pots and vases they made. They did not know it yet, but the mixture they made would centuries later be known as Nano coating. Because Nono coatings are nothing more than durable polymers. Now the mixture is a little modified, but still resembles the old recipe. When applied to a car it gives a high gloss, multidimensional glimmer and high end smooth finish. All sounding very attractive.

How to apply the nano coating on a car?

To get the best result, the coating requires an authorized retailer to apply them for you. Only they have enough experience in prepping the paint for application so you will get that irresistible finish and excellent adherence. The durability of car coatings are impressive. They last a long time and protect your paint from naturally acidic contaminants, UV damage, and may even add a little cushion room in terms of light scratches.

These benefits are not much different than other poly sealants that have been on the market. They protect against the same things, however, their longevity may be slightly less considering they don’t require as much preparation for application.

What are the downsides of car coating?

Unfortunately all that glitter and the guaranteed extension of a life course, is not always gold. It is good to keep in mind that:

  • Car coatings are expensive
  • The surface has to be perfectly clean and smooth before applying. Prepping time could be expensive depending on the condition of the car
  • The chemicals used are harsh and not very environmentally friendly
  • When an accident happens or the coating loses it’s bond, you have to reapply the entire coating.

 The 3 benefits of car coating

  1. By far the best car protection. Car coating is a Nano coating and digs very deep in the substrate.
  2. Cleaner car. Any dirt will slide of the car easily since the car coating is dirt repellent. Dirt won’t find it’s way in tiny pockets. When a coating isn’t applied to a car, the dirt will stick to the surface and accumulate.
  3. Long term cheaper than car wax. Car wax has to be reapplied every 1-3 months, while car coating can last for a lifetime when maintained properly.

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