Anti Graffiti Coating Hong Kong

Keep your property vandalism free with anti graffiti coating

As in many countries around the world, Graffiti and tagging is illegal in Hong Kong. But this does not mean that it is not done at all. Graffiti decreases the value of buildings and may create an unpleasant environment. So it is no wonder that Anti Graffiti coatings are on the rise in Hong Kong. This coating makes removing graffiti easier and more affordable. The coating forms a protective layer on a substrate where graffiti is likely to appear. Thanks to the coating, the graffiti never reaches the substrate but remains on the coating layer instead.

This article will provide you with what you need to know to determine whether anti graffiti coating is the solution you are looking for, and which product best solves your problem.

Determine which one of two anti graffiti systems is right for you

When choosing an anti graffiti coating it is important to determine the graffiti risk of the substrate. Is it for example for a public building, metro or alley? Then there is a high risk of graffiti vandalism and you need a durable system to protect te substrate. In suburban areas it might be enough to use a less costly solution. Here are the two most common options:

Anti graffiti coating Hong Kong prevents vandalism in buildings

Permanent anti graffiti coating prevents vandalism in buildings with high graffiti risks in Hong Kong.

1. Semi Permanent or Sacrificial anti graffiti paint – Silicone Wax

Recommended for: surfaces at low to middle risk of graffiti (houses, public benches, garage doors and so on)

Sacrificial or temporary anti graffiti paint is usually a silicone wax which washes off together with the graffiti. It forms a protective film to which the graffiti can adhere without reaching the underlying substrate. As the coating is sacrificial, it needs to be reapplied after removing graffiti.

2. Permanent anti graffiti coating – Nano technology

Recommended for: surfaces that are likely to experience graffiti frequently (public buildings, schools, alleyways, bridges and railway walls)

Permanent anti graffiti coatings (non-sacrificial) make use of nanotechnology, which allows the coating to become one with the substrate. These coatings form a water repellent surface where the graffiti spray paint, permanent markers, or ink cannot properly adhere. The permanent anti graffiti paint remains functional for 5 to 8 years and endures some 70 graffiti removals.

A suitable graffiti prevention coating for every substrate

As there are many substrates, there are many anti graffiti coating formulations. Every formulation is designed for optimum adherence to a certain substrate. Whether its a porous substrate like a concrete wall or a smooth substrate like a metal fence, there is a right solution for all.

  • Metal: exteriors of trains, tubes and buses as well as metal doors and sidings
    Metal surfaces are most often coated with a permanent opaque or transparent nano coating system. Some waxes are also possible, but often not convenient because they do not adhere that good and do not offer the corrosion protection nano technology does.
  • Wood: doors, facades, street furniture, fences and gates 
    There are waxes and permanent systems for hard and soft wood. If you want the natural appearance of the wood to stay visible, opt for a clear system. However, anti graffiti paint does not prevent natural graying of the wood. When you do not want discoloration to show an opaque system is a better choice.
  • Concrete: bridges, facades, walls, fences and underground tunnels and stations
    The most common choice of anti graffiti paint for concrete is clear permanent system. However, clear and sacrificial systems are also applicable. So it’s really a choice of whether the substrate is exposed to high graffiti risk or not.

Hong Kong services for Anti graffiti paint

If you have a small surface to cover, you can opt for applying the coating yourself. If you need a professional result and durability for larger areas, it is best to leave it to a professional in Hong Kong. If you need a professional service, contact us about it for a price estimate. We are happy to help!

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